The Be Your Own Light Box Set (full line)

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The Be Your Own Light Collection.

Each hand poured and unique in it own way.  Deep & therapeutic scents meant to entrance your senses, some with beautifully arranged, delicate, dried flowers, herbs and woods, or hand picked tumbled stones and polished crystals full of healing properties tucked within the soft soy wax. 

Let the beautiful, burnt orange flame, and rustic crackling of the thick wooden wick lull you away into a spiritual state. The Healing Collection candles can be used for meditation, rituals, spiritual healings and so much more. The possibilities are endless. 

 No two will be the same due to the uniqueness of flowers & stones. 

All of our candles are made of soy wax, are dye free, with a wooden wick (unless citronella) & hand poured in Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  Unique labels, names, scents & descriptions are what make our candles one of a kind, and so much fun. We also offer custom candles! All of our 16oz masons come with the label on the front of the jar. Our 8oz & 4oz candles come with the label on the lid.  All wax bar melts are a soy/beeswax blend, specifically tailored for the best scent throw.  Sometimes our candles have fun additions like glitter, stones, dried herbs, dried flowers or sprinkles on top, making each item special & unique. Thank you so much for shopping with us!