Sorting hat candle (smells like a surprise)

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Sorting hat candles come in 4 scents.  Each sorting hat candle is randomly chosen between our four house candles.  

Gryffindor- Smells like: The sharp scent of burning wood & a smooth warm hint of cinnamon and leather.

Slytherin- Smells like: Icy peppermint, evergreen trees with a cold earthy undertone & the salty smell of sea brine. 

Hufflepuff-  Smells like: Almond milk, fresh honey still on the comb & the thick rustic scent of fresh baked, warm oatmeal cookies.

Ravenclaw- Smells like: Old worn leather book bindings, a thick black peppery ink & fresh rain. 

All of our candles are soy, dye free & hand poured. All of our names and descriptions are unique making our candles a one of a kind item. You can find scent hints hidden within the description and name making each one like a mini game, how fun is that?!