Fall Fun Gift Set (8 candles in our most loved fall scents)

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A box filled with #candles, hand poured and hand picked, just for me? YES PLEASE!

Each box set comes with 1 of each scent listed: 
*pumpkin spice or die (pumpkin spice)
*bite me (cinnamon & apple)
*pumpkin patchin’ (fall leaves & cider)
*bend the bones (harvest home)
*comfy comfy comfy (apple & line dried clothes)
*let’s get lit (apple cranberry rum)
*you are awesome (apple pie)
*oh hey fall (apple butter)

All of our candles are soy, dye free & hand poured. All of our names and descriptions are unique making our candles a one of a kind item. You can find scent hints hidden within the