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1- 16oz Alexa (pumpkin donuts)

1 - 8oz Dark moon (coffee)    

1- 8oz  oh gourd (pumpkin blackberry) 

1- 4oz Oh Gourd (pumpkin blackberry)   

1-  wax melt black cat (clove)     

A box filled with #candles, hand poured and hand picked, just for me? YES PLEASE! Each box comes with our ONE FEATURED candle of the month in a 16oz jar, TWO double wick 8oz jar, ONE single wick 4oz jars and ONE votive size or wax bar melt. EACH CANDLE WILL BE A DIFFERENT SCENT (listed below)

All first time orders are charged immediately at check out and sent out within 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS. After your first order Boxes will be charged for on the 5th of the next month and sent out by the 10th. Cancel anytime after your first auto billed month is fulfilled (not including 1st initial order placed). EACH CANDLE WILL BE A DIFFERENT SCENT. You can find scent lists, for the current months box, on the descriptions part of the product online. We do not allow personal picks for monthly shipments

 All of our candles are soy, dye free & hand poured. All of our names and descriptions are unique making our candles a one of a kind item. You can find scent hints hidden within the description and name making each one like a mini game, how fun is that?!