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 My name is Kalyn and I am the owner of My Momma Tried LLC. Thank you so much for checking out MMT and I hope you love all of our items you see!  This business is a dream come true for me and somewhat of a legacy fulfilled. My dear uncle Chance had dreamed of opening a shop just like this one and passed to early to fulfill that dream. It is my pleasure to be able to carry this out in his memory.  He would have loved it. 

A little about our namesake since that seems to be the first question people ask me. It's so hard naming a business. So hard! I’ve had some amazing naming luck in my other businesses but I felt so stuck on naming this one.  I had put some feelers out, to random friends for name ideas. One of them suggested "momma tried". I fell in love with it. It had a ring and a meaning for me, instantly.

I am a Momma whom is raising little women, that was raised solely by women. Strong ones. Who instilled the value of persistent trying in me at a very young age. They tried y'all. Hard. At everything...life, love, equality, acceptance and lack of all of the above. They tried their hearts out and I can't thank them enough for it. 

I believe wholeheartedly in putting my all into everything I do. I believe in knowledge, philanthropy, hard work, perseverance, a strong supply of good ethics and a really good Missouri sweet tea .  I am flawed, scarred and wonderfully made.  I am me and I am trying.  

I have been a Master Stylist of 15 years and Owner of the 2 time award winning salon,  Scissors & Shears Salon LLC. As well as Ravishing Ramblings Life & Beauty Blog and A Hair Affair LLC. I will include the links below if you want to peak in on my other ventures.  Prior to owning my own salons I was a Corporate Regional Salon Franchise Consultant for a major corporation in my industry. I traveled a ton, met some awesome mentors, worked with some amazing celebrities and learned so much. I grew up just outside North Kansas City in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. I love my small town life!

No matter where I have been or lived, Excelsior Springs has always had a very special place in my heart and I always make my way back home. I teach children's self esteem classes outside of my businesses to girls ages 4-15, serve as an elected official for the ES Board of Education and head up the little mister & miss Waterfeat pageant for our tiny towns annual festival. I really do love this community so much. 

And now, I am so blessed to be able to get to do all of the things I love so much for a living. I created my life to be what I wanted it to be (You should too!). Because of my lifestyle I am able to spend most of my time with my kids, being able to love on them. I couldn't do that prior to being my own boss.

My mission on this earth is to spread love, positivity and help people. And hopefully I might be able to do a little of that for you with this business. Candles are where my heart resides but  I also love getting to create the designs with our apparel and go though the process of the printing.  All of the work MMT does is quality, professional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our clothing, bag & print designs are DTG (Direct to garment) printed with the highest quality inks available and have a *vintage one of a kind look*. EACH ITEM WILL BE UNIQUE.  

I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you. Each purchase you make goes to helping small business succeed.  

Happy Shopping!

 :) Kalyn Goode


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