Beach & Bum DIY Salty Wave Spray

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Beach & Bum DIY Salty Wave Spray

Hello, and thank you for being in this moment with me!  Now, let’s zoom past all that extra nonsense where I should explain how this spray fits perfectly with my life, and why you need it in yours, and just get down to business. Salt water sprays are great at creating that “I just swam in a beautiful ocean, for hours, and my hair dried in perfect beachy waves,” look.  Inspired by our "I’m really a mermaid” candle, this one has all the salty, coconut water vibes you can ask for. 

Beach & Bum DIY Salty Wave Spray

Here’s what you’ll need:

* New clean spray bottle

* 2 cups luke warm water

* 1 tsp avocado oil

*1 tsp coconut oil

* 3 teaspoons pink Himalayan sea salt

* 5 drops of an essential oil of your choice.  We use “sand” by p&j oils.   

Here’s how you make it:

Combine all of the ingredients above. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake the spray really good before every use. The the oil and water will separate so if you don’t shake it, be ready for greasy roots.

How to use it:

Spray the solution onto damp hair and scrunch.  Dry with a diffuser if needed and repeat scrunching. After your hair is all done you can spritz throughout the day to revive your style. Store at room temperature for up to 3 months.

"Make your story so beautiful, mermaids have trouble believing it's true." — r.i.d



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