If you’re not burning wood wick candles you’re missing out.

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If you’re not burning wood wick candles you’re missing out.

There is something alluring and inviting about burning wood. It has a draw that is instant for most and can transcend someone  into a world of happiness. That is why you need to invest in a wood wick candle, like yesterday.  Here’s my why….


  1. Goodbye smoky black rings:  say goodbye to that nasty sooty black residue and hello to a clean burning wood wicks!  Wooden wicks provide minimal soot, carbon and debris build up. Prior to a relight knock off any little charred wood from old burns. Doing this will have your flame will shining clean & bright, every time.
  2. They last double the time:  I hate spending good money on a candle that only lasts a few long burns.  The life of a wood-wick candle is so much longer than that of a cotton wick.
  3. Even burns: If you burn a wood wick candle correctly (longer burns) you will use every last big of wax in the container.  My biggest pet peeve is getting to the bottom of a candle and having most of it still remaining on the sides.  Cotton wicks are Notorious for tunneling and leaving behind perfectly good wax.
  4. That lovely fireplace crackle: Wood wick candles have a very distinct crackly sound when burning. Reminiscent of a campfire or fireplace. This unique feature is what makes a wooden wick candle so appealing to most people.  When the wood is burned, the water inside becomes heated and releases steam. The steam that gives way, creates small bursts of flames invoking the signature snap, crackle, pop sounds we all love.
  5. Toxin Free: The wood wicks we carry are  100% wood (as are most other brands) eco-friendly, phthalate free, sustainable and natural.  No one wants nasty chemicals and unknowns floating through the air of their home. Wooden wicks unlike cotton wicks are toxin free.
  6. Further Scent Travel: I have found that wooden wick candles have a better scent throw when burning.   This is because the wooden wick burns lower than cotton wicks do and smolder closer to the surface of the wax.  This helps warm the wax and fragrance around the wick creating a consistent scent experience.  Cotton wicks burn off fragrances quickly because of the tall flame causing short scent travel.
  7. Aesthetically pleasing:  The look of a burning wood wick candle far surpasses that of a traditional cotton wick.  The horizontal, short, wide authentic flame is one that most candle lovers seek out because they stand out. Not to mention the calming and luxurious aspect in creating a certain ambiance they create.


You really can’t beat the unique characteristics of wood wick candles. Sold yet?


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