Beach & Bum Summer Hair Help in 4 Steps

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Beach & Bum Summer Hair Help in 4 Steps

Inspired by my own summer hair mess, let’s light a My Momma Tried, WTF candle, and get to reading.  Here is a four step, healthy hair process that you can do, to keep your mane looking shiny and beautiful all summer long!

Beach & Bum’s Summer Hair Help in 4 Steps:


1. Chlorine & Lake Water Damage-

 Hair is like a white shirt. If you have a white shirt and you toss it into the lake, will the shirt come out white or will it come out the color of the water? If you said the color of the water you are correct. The lighter the hair the stronger the pickup of pigment will be. Lake water isn’t as damaging as chlorine, but it will, dry out and snap off your hair. The key to avoiding damage and green hair is to prepare your tresses before taking the plunge. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so before you swim wet your hair with water or a good professional leave in conditioner. After you get out of the water rinse your hair with water or white vinegar. It will act as a clarifying rise and strip any yucky stuff right out of your hair.


2. Lay off of the heat.

Over cooking anything isn’t ever a good thing. The healthier you are as a person the healthier your hair will be. If you take a lot of medication, it will show in your hair. If you over heat your hair it will show! Think about it this way. You have a flower that’s dying. You put it in some water. What happens? It shows signs of a little more life. Take the same dying flower and put it in the sun. It will dry out and become crispy in no time. Same thing goes for your hair. If it’s hot out and your hair is exposed to the elements, you’re drying it out. Skip the blow dryer, and avoid hot all together, let your hair air dry. You won’t be burning off the good molecules this way. Wear a hat and be sure to apply sunscreen to your scalp, skin cancer is no joke.


3. Condition, Condition, Condition.

 I just explained to you in step 1 and 2 how hair will soak up whatever it comes into contact with and will dry out as fast as you can blink. Even if you’re not out doing all the summery things that most people do. The heat and where you live will automatically add some slight damage to your hair without you even having to lift a finger. So regardless of the circumstances, I still recommend all people who have hair on their head get a deep conditioning treatment during the warmer months.


4. Be the water, drink the water, love the water.

We’re made up of water (mostly), and we need it to survive. The same goes for your hair.  Drinking at least 3 liters of water a day will do wonders for your hair and your scalp. Trust me. If you follow any of my steps, please follow this one. It’s a lifesaver!




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