Beach & Bum’s 5 reasons to get sprayed!

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Beach & Bum’s 5 reasons to get sprayed!

Inspired by our sister company Beach & Bum Spray Tanning were talking all things glowing!  As always, I’ll try to cut right to the point. Life moves to fast these days, to always be reading about someone else’s! 

Beach & Bum’s 5 reasons to get sprayed! 

1. Your skin can actually feel softer.  

Certain formulas of tanning solution have things in them like DHA, keratin, coconut water, caffeine, oils and serums. This combo leads to some serious lovelies for your skin and giving it the extra hydration needed to feel supple & smooth.   

2. It can do some amazing stuff.    

Spray tans can hide the appearance of all kinds of things. Like blemishes, scars etc. The super beneficial moisturizing ingredients in particular formulas will feed your skin the nutrients it’s been craving and it can start the replenishing process. A perfectly applied spray tan can hide light scarring, cellulite, stretch marks and help aid with acne and boost self esteem. 

3. Year round color.

Since spray tanning is a sunless solution applied to the skin it isn’t causing sun damage like a typical tanning bed. Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you have to look like frosty. You can achieve a beautiful sun kissed glow year round and look like you’ve just returned from a sunny vacation in Florida instead of looking like you spent the holiday in the movie Frozen. 

4. They are safer than tanning beds. 

The ingredients in most spray tanning formulas are non-toxic, and some are even organic. Like the one Beach & Bum Spray Tanning uses, it’s coconut water based and packed full of moisturizers. This means you can airbrush your flaws away without worrying about the terrible aftereffects, like a typical tanning bed or day in the sun would give you! 

 5. It is a confidence booster. 

When your airbrush tan has the extra bronzers in it, the tonal color it gives is amazing. It truly does provide an almost glowing effect to the skin. Most Most solutions have Venetian oils added in, that give the tanner a an intoxicating beautiful beachy smell to them.  Be prepared for everyone to say how you smell just like the Caribbean.  



To book an appointment with Beach & Bum Spray tanning, a mobile tanning service, please visit their Facebook page at:  Beach & Bum Spray Tanning

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